Thermal Transfer Labels (TTL)

Allmarks International (Pvt) Ltd offers a wide variety of paper and synthetic facestock materials that can be used with black and/or colored ribbons. This print quality is very high; the image is long lasting and durable. Thermal transfer printing is the most widely used method for bar code label printing. A thermal print head is used to generate heat energy that in turn transfers the ink from a ribbon onto the label facestock, creating the required images.

Used for product ID, record keeping, lab specimens, circuit board manufacture, outdoor and cold storage, thermal transfer labels are ideal for printing long-lasting variable data. These labels typically offer greater durability than direct thermal, sheet style inkjet or laser labels. Utilizing roll-form labels and printing ribbons, this technology uses less heat to transfer a printed image than other methods, giving you the widest variety of materials to work with. You also have the most extensive choice of adhesives to fit special labeling applications. A well-matched ribbon and label make a print bond so strong that protective film laminates are not usually needed

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