Among the best as an Indenting Agent!


We provide indenting services to a vast range of clients. We specialize in Hot Stamping, Holographic & Security foils, Cold Foils, all types of Labels, Thermal Transfer Ribbons (TTR), Thermal Papers, Lamination Films, RFID tags, Paper and Boards.

Over the years, we have built great relationships with over 70 suppliers. Our customers span from small businesses to large and international corporates. Our rates are highly competitive, service oriented and ensure best TAT. We provide product sourcing and directing the services that help keep any sourcing project smooth and profitable. We locate your providers, negotiate rates and costs, provide currency conversions, monitor production, maintain quality and arrange the delivery of goods on time

Since our inception, we have ensured total transparency between the parties involved and have thus built strong trust-filled, mutually beneficial, long term relationships with our clients. It is our aim to ensure that both our suppliers and buyers are always completely satisfied.

We set very high standards for our work, which puts us at the top of the indenting business.

Finding the right material at the best price are key factors in the success of your business. We’ll definitely help you find the best.

We are your trusted agent to do the best for you!